BackupPc – pool.rrd-Grafik wird nicht angezeigt

Die Lösung für die fehlende Grafik unter Ubuntu 16.04 LTS fand ich bei sourceforge:

I found that I had to give execute permissions to the folders above and 
read permissions to "everyone" on the pool.rrd then the graph appeared. 
It would seem that the CGI script is executing as "everyone" vs 
"backuppc user"

Here are the minimal permission changes I made to get things to work.
Changed BackupPC directory permission from: 2750 to 2751 --> drwxr-s--x 
backuppc backuppc
Changed BackupPC/log directory permission from: 750 to 751 --> 
drwxr-x--x backuppc backuppc log
Changed BackupPC/log/pool.rrd directory permission from: 640 to 754 --> 
-rwxr-xr-- backuppc backuppc pool.rrd

My server is blocked from public access, so I was comfortable making 
this change. I would be very happy to hear anyone's comments regarding 
what type of security issue this may be -and if there is another way to 
better way to solve this
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